News from 2007

Post-doctoral fellow Michelle Hamilton publishes her ground-breaking article ‘Anyone Not on the List Might As Well Be Dead’: Aboriginal Peoples and the Censuses of Canada, 1851–1916 in the Journal of the Canadian Historical Association 18 (1): 57-79.

Asher Kirk-Elleker completes his History MA thesis in 2007 on the topic A Measure of Well-Being: An Anthropometric Study of Living Conditions in Canada at the wholesale nfl jerseys Turn of the cheap jerseys Twentieth Century. Asher is contributing to the construction of the 1891 census sample.

Guelph professor Kevin James publishes his definitive study Handloom Weavers in Ulster’s Linen Industry, 1815-1914 (Dublin: Four Courts Press).

John Cranfield and Kris Inwood publishes The Great Transformation: A Long-Run Perspective on Physical Well-Being in Canada in Economics and Human Biology v5 n2 (July 2007), pp. 204-228.

Guelph professor Richard Reid‘s article “Black Veterans in Post-Civil War North Carolina” has appeared in L.M. Loague and M. Barton, ed., The Civil War Veteran: A Historical Reader (New York: New York University Press).

Guelph professor wholesale jerseys John Cranfield releases his paper Factors Influencing the Body Mass Index of Adults in Canada as an Agricultural Policy Research Network report CMD-07-08.

Guelph professors Henry Thille and Kris Inwood, along with co-author Herb Emery from the University of Calgary, publish Hecksher-Ohlin in Canada: New Estimates of Regional Wages and Land Prices in the Australian Economic History Review v47 n1 (Feb. 2007), college pp. 22-48.

James Yool defends his Economics MA research paper An Anthropometric Study of the Standard of Living New and Degree of Marginality in Ontario and Quebec, 1870-1900.

Guelph professor wholesale jerseys China Femi Kolpao has released three books: The Aftermath of Slavery: Transitions and Transformations in Southeastern Nigeria (ed w Chima J Korieh, Trenton NJ: Africa World Press), African Agency and European Colonialism: Latitudes of Negotiations Peppers and Containment (ed w Kwabena O. Akurang-Parry, University Press of America) and The Aftermath of Slavery:Transitions and Transformations in Southeastern Nigeria (co-ed w Chima J Korieh, Trenton NJ: Africa cheap jerseys World Press).

An international workshop The Generation of Record Linkage from Systematic Sources Evcille?tirilmesi is held in Guelph March 5 and March 6.

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