News from 2009

November: Christina Wakefield defends her History MA thesis at Online the University of Victoria Talking on Their Fingers: A Study of the Ontario Deaf According to the 1891 Canadian Census. Christina contributed to the 1891 census project in its early stages.

October: Josh MacFayden successfully defends his U of Guelph PhD thesis Fashioning Flax: Industry, Region, and Work in North American Fibre and from Linseed Oil, 1850-1930. The thesis wholesale jerseys examines the flax, fiber cheap jerseys and linseed oil commodity chain and the millers, farmers and First Nations who participated in it.

September: Andrew Hinson and Graeme Morton, along with colleague Tanja Bueltmann publish their collection of paper Ties of Bluid, Kin and Countrie: Scottish Associational Culture in the Diaspora (Guelph Centre for Scottish Studies).

September: Oliver Masakure of Wilfird Laurier University and Kris Inwood present The Historical Roots of Poverty and Inequality in South Africa: the Coloured Population to wholesale mlb jerseys the Economic History Association meeting in Tuscon.

August: Derek Murray’s MA research project wholesale nba jerseys A Socio-economic History of Brudenell Township Ontario through the 1871 Census of Canada uses complete count data from the 1871 census to reveal the socio-economic structures of life in Brudenell Tsp, a community on the ‘margins’ of mainstream Canadian society.

August: Paul Lirette defends his MA research report Stock Return Predictability: a comparison of two seemingly similar markets using long-run Canadian financial data.

July: Guelph professor Catharine Wilson publishes her award-winning book Tenants in Time: Family Strategies, Land, and Liberalism in Upper from Canada, 1799-1871 (McGilI-Queen’s University Press).

June: Post-doctoral fellow Greg Kennedy and Kris Inwood present their paper A New Prosopography: Enumerators and Census Commissioners to the Canadian Historical Association in Ottawa.

May: History professor Dr. Catherine Carstairs cheap mlb jerseys and coauthor Brianna Greaves present “Fluoridation: A Magic Bullet for Dentistry and Public Health” to the Canadian Society for the History of Medicine in Ottawa.

April: Guelph economist Ross McKitrick and Olavi K√§rner publish Long Term Persistence and Nonstationarity in Geophysical Data In McKitrick’s Critical Topics in Global Warming (Fraser Institute).

April: An international workshop Longitudinal Records from Historical Sources is held in Guelph April 6-7.

February: Guelph professor Thanasis Stengos and co-author Andreas Savvides publish their book Human Capital and Economic Growth with Stanford University Press.

February: Guelph economist Ross McKitrick and Stephen McIntryre contest the paleoclimate reconstruction of global warming over the past millenium in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science: Proxy inconsistency and other problems in millennial paleoclimate reconstructions

January: Jim Irwin and Catherine McDevitt (Central Michigan University) and do Kris Inwood publish their paper Gender Pay Gap, Productivity Gap and Discrimination in Canadian Clothing Manufacturing, Paris Eastern Economic Journal v35 n1 (2009), pp. 24-36

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