News from 2010

December 6: Postdoctoral fellow Luiza Antonie presents her poster An Automated Record Linkage System for the Canadian Census at the Workshop for Women in Machine Learning in Vancouver.

December: Peter Baskerville (U of Alberta) and K. Inwood prepare for the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council a Knowledge Synthesis Report on the Digital Economy entitled: Canada’s Digital Heritage: The Nation’s Historical Data in an International Context.

December: Evan Roberts at the University of Minnesota and Guelph professor Kris Inwood publish their paper Longitudinal Studies of Human Growth and Health in the Journal of Economic Surveys.

November: Guelph doctoral student Nicholas Van Allen presents his paper Liquored Londoners: A Geography of Drink in 1881 London, Ontario to the Social Science History Association in Chicago.

November: Post-doctoral fellow Andrew Ross and Kris Inwood present a paper A First Look at Occupational Change during the 1870s (with Luiza Antonie and Peter Baskerville) at the Social Science History Association meeting in Chicago.

November: Graeme Morton publishes St Andrew’s Societies and the Scottish Diaspora in 175th Anniversary of the St Andrew’s Society of Montreal, ed. Jennifer Cassar (Montreal, 2010)

November: Evan Roberts (U of Minnesota), Les Oxley (U of Canterbury) and Kris Inwood publish Physical Stature in Nineteenth-Century New Zealand in the Australian Economic History Review.

October: The 1891 project completes coding of its page-based sample of the 1891 Canadian census and begins beta-testing.

September: Former post-doc Michelle Hamilton publishes her monograph Collections and Objections: Aboriginal Material Culture in Southern Ontario with McGill-Queen’s University Press.

September: Jody Nurse presents her MA research paper Reaching Rural Ontario which reinterprets 19th century rural fairs by linking participants with data collected in the 1871 Census of Canada, as well as a family farm diary and numerous newspaper accounts

September: Former post-doc Karly Kehoe publishes her monograph Creating a Scottish Church: Catholicism, gender and ethnicity in nineteenth-century Scotland (Manchester University Press).

September: Recent PhD graduates Andrew Hinson and Josh MacFaydeen take up their SSHRC post-doctoral fellowships at the University of Toronto (Hinson) and the University of Western Ontario (MacFaydeen).

September: Graeme Morton publishes the 35th volume of the International Review of Scottish Studies.

August: Trevor Griffiths at the University of Edinburgh and Guelph professor Graeme Morton publish their book A History of Everyday Life in Scotland 1800-1900 (University of Edinburgh Press).

August: Guelph professor Elizabeth Ewan has updated and relaunched her Women in Scottish History bibliography and web page on August 10 with the help of TannerRitchie Publishing.

August: Andrew Hinson defends his U of Guelph doctoral thesis Migrant Scots in a British City: Toronto’s Scottish Community, 1881-1911. The thesis examines associational culture in in Toronto’s Scottish community using the census and records of the Presbyterian Church and Scottish cultural associations.

July: History graduate student Kris Gies defends his doctoral thesis Amateur Soldiering in Industrial Britain: The Early Territorial Force in Glasgow, 1908-1914.

June: Guelph professors John Cranfield and Kris Inwood compare the stature of British emigrants in the WWI armies of Canada and Australia at the Oceanic Passages meeting in Hobart.

June: Post-doctoral fellow Andrew Ross presents The Borders of Size: Height, Weight and Body Mass Index of Major League Hockey Players, 1876–1990 at the Hockey on the Border Conference in Buffalo.

June: Guelph geographer Evan Fraser and co-author Andrew Rimas publish Empires of Food: Feast, Famine and the Rise and Fall of Civilizations with Free Press/Simon and Schuster (US) and Random Books/Random House (UK).

June: Luiza Antonie, Andrew Ross, and Peter Baskerville participate in MIND THE GAP: A Multidisciplinary workshop bridging the gap between High Performance Computing and the Humanities at the University of Alberta.

May: Chris Minns (LSE), Mary MacKinnon (McGill) and Kris Inwood (Guelph) present their paper Labour Market Dynamics in Canada 1891-1911 to the Canadian Economics Association in Quebec City.

May: Guelph professor Femi Kolapo presents his paper Slavery, Ethnicity and the 19th century Nupe jihad to the Canadian Association of African Studies in Ottawa.

May: Guelph professor Catherine Carstairs and coauthor Paige Schell present their paper Making the Perfect Food Safe: Compulsory Pasteurization in Ontario to the Canadian Society for the History of Medicine in Montreal.

May: An international workshop Longitudinal Analysis, Historical Sources and Generational Change takes place in Guelph May 24-25.

May: Luiza Antonie and Andrew Ross introduce the computer-assisted linkage system at SHARCNET Research Day 2010 at York University. The paper An Automated Record Linkage System for the Canadian Census, 1871-81 was developed with the support of a fellowship and high powered-computing from SHARCNET.

April: Catherine Carstairs has given a paper to the Montreal History Group Progress or Pollutant: Montreal’s Fluoride Debates.

April: Evan Fraser in the U of Guelph Geography Department publishes Can economic, land use and climatic stresses lead to famine, disease, warfare and death? Using Europe’s calamitous 14th century as a parable for the modern age in the journal Ecological Economics.

March: Dr. Catherine Carstairs in History has published from her flouridation project the article Cities without Cavities: Democracy, Risk, and Public Health in the Journal of Canadian Studies.

February: Guelph professors John Cranfield and K. Inwood present Long run changes in the body mass index of adults in Canada to the Asia-Pacific Business & Economic History meeting in Wellington.

February: Evan Roberts (U of Minnesota), Les Oxley (U of Canterbury) and Kris Inwood have won best paper prize at the Asia-Pacific Business and Economic History Conference in Wellington for The Stature of the New Zealand Maori Population, 1800-1976.

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