News from 2011

February 20: John Cranfield and Kris Inwood present Stayers and Leavers, Diggers and Canucks: The 1914-1918 War in Comparative Perspective at the Asia-Pacific Economic History Meeting in Berkeley.

February: Applications are being accepted for summer assistant positions to work on two research projects: Early Life and Family Origins of Adult Health: An Historical Perspective and Health, Food and Productivity over the Long Run. For full consideration please apply by February 22.

February 8: The 1891 census project today delivers a sample of the 1891 Canadian census to the North Atlantic Population Project and a number of interested researchers. The sample has records for 433277 people enumerated in 1891. The project was begun in 2003 and completed earlier this year.

January 27: PhD candidate Mehmet Pinar presents his thesis “Stochastic Dominance Efficient Welfare Indices in Development” at an internal defence 10:00am in MacKinnon 720.

January 21: The Canadian Foundation for Innovation announces a grant of $374,821 to the HDRU’s People in Motion project. In the same announcement Peter Baskerville at the University of Alberta receives $393,802 for The Last Best West: The Alberta Land Settlement Infrastructure Project. The two projects will collaborate in the creation of longitudinal data from historical census, land and military records.

January 18: Dr. Douglas McCalla leads the Rural Roundtable with his paper Why Buy a Local Product from an Importer? Local Goods and Local Exchange in Rural Upper Canadian Charge Account

January 15: PhD student Jody Nurse reinterprets 19th century rural fairs by linking participants to the 1871 census in a paper presented to the Guerrilla Grads Alternative Histories Conference at the University of Guelph.

January 10: MA student Rahela Dina presents for discussion her MA research paper Factors Affecting the Rate of Obesity In Canada and the USA:- Evidence from the Joint Canada USA Health Survey.

January: Professor Catharine Wilson has posted to the Rural History web page data files used in her award-winning book Tenants in Time: Family Strategies, Land, and Liberalism in Upper Canada, 1799-1871. The data are available to other researchers.

January: Emeritus Guelph Professor Richard Reid publishes the first systematic survey of black British North American Sailors in an article published this month in the journal Northern Mariner.

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